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Berkshire is a Southern county of the UK which is bordered by Oxfordshire, Greater London, Buckinghamshire and Surrey. Although most of the county is low and flat the southeast of it forms a high sandy plateau which is part of Bagshot heath. The main industries of the county are dairy farming and agriculture. Berkshire is one of the oldest counties in the UK and dates back to the 860's. It has been the scene for many battles during the Alfred the Great's campaign against the Danes. The county is steeped in English history and its beautiful countryside makes it perfect for the many rambling walking tours that the county is famous for. The county was recognised by the Queen in 1958 due to the presence of Windsor castle, the royal residence of which causes it to often be referred to as the Royal County of Berkshire. The professional football club of Reading was formed in 1871 and still plays league matches today.

Its population is 803, 657 (source: Berkshire Record Office. Berkshire, The Royal County. Golden Jubilee 2002 collection. Retrieved on 2007-04-22.) most of which live the urban areas in the east and centre of the county. The rest of West Berkshire is more sparsely populated with only a few rural towns. There are many annual events of interest including the Newbury Comedy Festival and Community Arts Festivals. The recent remake of Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice was filmed at Balison Park, and Jane Austin attended the Reading Ladies Boarding school. Kate Winslet and Elizabeth Taylor were both born in Berkshire and Oscar Wilde was imprisoned in the county from 1895-1897. The county town of Berkshire, Reading, hosts the Reading Festival which is the second largest music festival in Britain.

Berkshire has recently (2007) won an award which makes it an "Enjoy England Official Partner" by Tourism South East and this has boosted its reputation for being a tourist attraction in the UK.


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